Certified Retailer Guide

Certified Retailer Guide

It is possible to search for "dealer-restaurant" to certify Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conferece. Choose to buy or eat Hida beef.Select each area. List of stores that applicable by pressing the "SEARCH" button will be displayed.

HIDAGYU Sales outlet Designation:Chuno area

Shop Postal code Address Phone
Chuno-Meat business cooperative asociation 501-3928  Gifu-ken 0575-24-3080
JA Megumino-A Coop Gujohonten 501-4221  Gifu-ken 0575-66-0012
Meiho-tokusankako Meihomeat 501-4301  Gifu-ken 0575-87-2219
Maruchu Seinikuten 501-4607  Gifu-ken 0575-88-2901
JA Megumino-A Coop Okuminoten 501-5122  Gifu-ken 0575-82-6310
Nikuno-Katayama co.,Ltd. 505-0036  Gifu-ken 0574-25-7136
Nikuno-King co.,Ltd. 505-0121  Gifu-ken 0574-67-0222
nikunomitakeya co.,ltd 505-0301  Gifu-ken 0574-43-0150
Hidagyu-Yoromeat hanbai co.,Ltd. Yunohanaichibaten 509-0206  Gifu-ken 0574-24-7721
Nikuno BARIKIYA 509-0206  Gifu-ken 0574-25-0029
Nikuno Higuchi 509-0214  Gifu-ken 0120-1298-86

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