Certified Retailer Guide

Certified Retailer Guide

It is possible to search for "dealer-restaurant" to certify Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conferece. Choose to buy or eat Hida beef.Select each area. List of stores that applicable by pressing the "SEARCH" button will be displayed.

HIDAGYU Sales outlet Designation:Tono area

Shop Postal code Address Phone
Watanabe-Seinikuten 507-0025  Gifu-ken 0572-22-0348
Marugo Marche 509-5142  Gifu-ken 0572-54-7623
Kinaata-Mizunami 509-6101  Gifu-ken 0572-26-8617
Marucho Watanabe Seinikuten 509-6121  Gifu-ken 0572-68-2056
Iwashimaya co.,Ltd 509-7201  Gifu-ken 0573-25-2628
Kumazakichikusan co.,Ltd. 509-9131  Gifu-ken 0573-68-4129

Hida Beef