Meat cut according to dealer standards

Beef Cuts and Features

01. Neck

Firmer meat quality with less fat and more red meat. Used ground or thinly-sliced. Sometimes cubed in simmered dishes.

02. Shoulder

Red meat that is slightly firm and contains little fat. Filled with extracts and collagen, this meat cut is perfect for simmered dishes and as a soup ingredient.

03. Shoulder Chuck

Containing more sinew, this cut has the right amount of fat for flavor. Use in Shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, broiled meat and other dishes with thinly-sliced beef.

04. Rib Chuck

Finely-textured for roast beef, steak and cuts in which the taste of the meat itself is featured. Marbled cuts make excellent sukiyaki.

05. Sirloin

Fine, tender fiber in the highest quality cut. Optimum for steaks, roast beef and even shabu-shabu.

06. Tenderloin

A tender cut with delicate beef fiber. Little fat makes this cut perfect for deep-fried beef chops and steak for those avoiding fat intake.

07. Bara (Brisket and Foreshank)

Red meat and fat are marbled in coarse layers of a firm cut. Delicious simmered until tender or thinly-sliced in meat and potato stew.

08. Bara (Short Plate)

Red and white layers in a coarse texture that marbles easily. Deep flavor suitable for stews and roasted sparerib.

09. Top Round Cap (Inside)

The beef cut that contains the least fat, tips are useful in a variety of menu items that use thick cuts like steak and roast beef as well as yakiniku and simmered dishes.

10. Round Tip

A finely-textured, tender cut with little fat. Used as roast beef, in stews, as broiled meat and deep-fried beef chops.

11. Gooseneck Round

A firm cut with little fat and a coarse texture. Suitable for slicing thinly or chopping and using in a stir-fry.

12. Rump

A tender red meat with robust flavor. This cut can be used as steak, roast beef and in a wide variety of menu items.

13. Shank

High gristle content makes this a firmer cut of meat that will release collagen and become tender when simmered for a long period. Used in stews, curries and simmered dishes. Can be cooked in a pressure cooker to reduce preparation time.

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